Mega Spa Spas & Portable Spas Perth

Mega Spa Spas & Portable Spas Perth

Why choose Mega Spa | Mega Spa Spas & Portable Spas Perth

  • We are a Western Australian family owned & operated business. 
  • We sell our own brand of spas.
  • We have been in the swimming pool and spa industry for over 25 years.
  • We are SPASAWA members. "2019 Spa Retailer of the Year Finalists"
  • It is our business and have a passion for providing good customer service with exceptional quality in all of the products we sell. 
  • We can customise your spa with over 90 colour combination options .
  • We have included the following features as standard in all of our spas**:
  • Quality US Balboa equipment
  • Quality acrylic shells
  • Quality & Proven pumps & Equipment
  • Ozone & UV for sanitisation – saving on chemicals required** 
  • Stainless steel jets & sanitary grade plumbing
  • Fully insulated shell, cabinet & base for energy efficiency**
  • Fully Moulded Fibreglass base 
  • Lockable thermal lock hardcover to suit
  • Full factory warranty*

We include the above, we feel that these inclusions are very important 

to ensure you get the best performance and energy efficiency benefits from your spa.

  • We do our own quality control & factory testing.
  • We frequently update our models to suit the needs of our clients giving best hydrotherapy performance .
  • We offer in-house after sales service & support as well as after hours after sales service & support to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase from Mega Spa™  Australia.

(**Eco Series Ozone only | Fully insulated shell)

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Mega Spa Spas & Portable Spas Perth

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